Our Hearts Go Out To All Those Impacted By The Recent Hurricanes And We Want To Offer Our Support

When you hurt – we hurt. We are praying, we are donating personal funds and requested items and we want to do more. Results Coaching Global would like to offer The Gift of Coaching to any school leader affected by the recent hurricane disasters. We offer this gift, at no charge, as a way of providing a space for impacted leaders to meet one-on-one, by phone, with a trusted coach and confidant, who will listen and serve as a thinking partner, as the leader reflects on his or her current situation, gains greater clarity about future plans, and determines best approaches in taking actions toward desired results.

We are scheduling up to three 30-minute phone coaching sessions per leader from September 20 through December 20, 2017 at a mutually agreed upon day and time. Typically the sessions will be held in the evenings between 6 PM to 9 PM Central Time.

If you are a leader who has been impacted by one of the recent hurricanes, all you have to do is respond by clicking on the link below and providing your information. One of our coaches will reply back to verify the time of your call. Appointments will be set on a first come first serve basis, with our desire to serve all who reach out to us.

Request your session at this link.

Three Ways to Draw Positivity Close During the Holiday Season

As we close out 2016, we send to each of you our appreciation and respect for the work that you do on behalf of students everywhere. As you take a break and enjoy time alone and with family and friends, we offer a reminder of three ways to draw states of positivity close to you like warm and welcomed gloves feel during the cold, winter season. Thank you, Barbara Fredrickson, for your expanded list of ten forms of positivity (Fredrickson, B. L. (2009). Positivity. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press.) Here are three.

Joy: Circumstances that spark joy are being in surroundings that are safe and familiar. Things are going your way or going even better than expected. The situation requires little effort on your part.

Gratitude: Gratitude comes when we appreciate something that has come our way as a gift to be treasured. It opens your heart and carries the urge to give back.

Serenity: Like joy, serenity enters when your surroundings are safe and familiar and require little effort on your part, but it is much more low-key than joy. It is a mindful state, and she calls it the afterglow emotion.

For more information on Positivity and other critical states of mind and leadership behaviors, check out our new book, Results Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change. Click here to order your copy today.

Results Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change

results-coaching-next-stepsWe are extremely excited to announce our soon to be published book Results Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change. This book will be coming out in early October and both Corwin Press and Amazon are now taking orders.

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The writing of this book has been a real labor of love and was written in response to requests by so many of our loyal followers asking for more. Results Coaching Next Steps will not take the place of our first book Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders. Rather our new book will be a companion to our first book and will include valuable and additional information for dedicated Coach Leaders!

An Attitude of Gratitude

cornucopiaHolding on to an attitude of gratitude is like holding on to a trusted friend. It will always lead you to a better place.

We at RCG are grateful for the privilege of working with dedicated school leaders from across this country – people just like you. As Thanksgiving approaches – here are a few quotes to keep us all centered on the importance of holding on to an attitude of gratitude.

  • “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward
  • “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” — Albert Schweitzer
  • “When we become more fully aware that our success is due in large measure to the loyalty, helpfulness, and encouragement we have received from others, our desire grows to pass on similar gifts. Gratitude spurs us on to prove ourselves worthy of what others have done for us. The spirit of gratitude is a powerful energizer.” — Wilferd A. Peterson

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Friends at Results Coaching Global!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming seminars.

Trending Results

discussing-dataThere appears to be a trend from leaders being coached to leaders being coaches as reported in studies both conducted and replicated in 2007 by Metrix Global entitled, “Coaching in Organizations Benchmark Study.” There were several findings from METRIX that have implications for what we are finding out from our own past and present evaluation studies on the impact of our coaching seminars.



There is a trend for leaders in organizations being coaches. “School leaders are developing a common language of effective coach-like leadership.” (2011)
Organizations are having challenges integrating coaching into culture although this was seen as important. “Coaching has really had a significant impact on our efforts to truly living our vision and mission statement. It [the coaching] has provided the opportunity to articulate how to improve schools and systems thinking about leadership.” (2013)
Teamwork and collaboration are increased. “Involving the staff in decision making by working collaboratively, the decisions are better and the stakeholders are more satisfied.” (2015)
Leaders are more engaged in their work and less likely to leave “If you are trying to find a way to empower people in your organization, this approach is a must. It has the potential to resurrect a career from apathy and remind people why they got into education in the first place.” (2015)
Leaders are more available for new opportunities and advancement. “Even for people who have experienced professional learning around coaching, this workshop changes the way we think about the skills we already know. There is always room for growth and this workshop helped me better understand where those growth opportunities are for me and the team I work with everyday.” (2015)
The costs of operations improved, the quality of products and services and increased productivity and net revenue were reported. “The thing that most stands out is that I am thinking differently about the scope of my work; it [the coaching] has helped me create a network culture that focuses on sustaining results.” (2014)
Coaching has evolved to being a viable leadership practice. “This experience is a powerful way for educational leaders to change the culture of their schools through positive and powerful communication. It is a must for any school leader!” (2015)

By Dr. Diana Williams
Lead Evaluator for Results Coaching Global