Five Ways to Reduce Blind Spots

be-aware-listening-engagedWe talked earlier this month about possible blind spots in our current view of reality related to our workplace culture. Here are a few thoughts on ways to reduce blind spots. These ideas are embedded in our soon to be released Results Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change.

  • Listen to understand from the other person’s perspective.
  • Refrain from jumping to conclusions that may or may not be accurate, or seeking to impose our own views rather than understanding their views.
  • Use the skill of paraphrasing in responses to demonstrate respect, understanding and make connections so that the person feels safe to continue.
    • If people do not feel safe to continue- they will shut down or elevate an aggressive state (fight, flight or freeze). This is a Trust Buster.
    • Hormones are released in the brain (Oxytocin – feel good hormone, or Cortisol – feel bad hormone). We seek Trust Building.
  • Maintain an attitude of presuming positive intent, which shows up in our language and our internal thoughts. Remember, chemical reactions are happening internally for everyone during a conversation.
  • Ask discovery/powerful questions where you do not already have the answers.
    • This is what coach-leaders do.
    • If you ask questions where you already know the answers – that is called a leading question and that is not the behavior of a coach leader.
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Vicky Dearing, PCC, M. Ed.

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One thought on “Five Ways to Reduce Blind Spots

  1. Hello Vicky,
    Thank you for this gem on reducing blind spots. So much is packed into these few words that, in my view, could only come from deep understanding, and years of determined practice,
    Thanks for such a helpful summary that even includes names of the hormones. Personally, I believe a lot of the diseases we experience are the result of too much Cortisol roaming around in our bodies! It is probably AGING too! (No wonder you look so young!)
    You have added some valuable “nuggets” to my coaching reminder cards.
    Wishing you a good day, Dori

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