Focus On What You Want

scarfRecently, I arrived early for the final day of a four-day Leadership Coaching for High Performance Seminar. On top of one of the RCG seminar notebooks were two drawings by one of the participants who had captured two critical points dealing with leadership and coaching. Both the SCARF and TARP ideas come from the work of David Rock and the neuroscience.

This participant made two small reminders to revisit multiple times as she works to support others. As a technology coach for a large suburban school district, she was learning that in order to motivate and inspire others to accomplish the results expected in today’s classroom, a coach is well served to remember both the SCARF and TARP concepts.

Here is a brief animated overview of SCARF:

TARP stands for Time, Attention, Repetition and Positive Feedback, which neuroscience says is a must for accomplishing changes that you want to move into habits. Focus on what you want and then give it the time, attention, repetition and positive feedback to develop the new habit. We really do grow from our strengths, so let’s focus on what we want and celebrate small and large steps toward accomplishing the goal.

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