Focused Practice Feedback – a Kick Starter!

How do we grow people? How do we build and grow their talent, their knowledge and skills? Use those wonderful conversation skills and ask about the goals they have set, the vision for their work, when it all is celebrated, what will they be celebrating? With highly committed employees they just usually need to reconnect to their vision, their passion, and get into a new skill or tool.

With those few who are less than highly committed, there is the opportunity to support their thinking in determining the three most important areas for their focus that will increase the performance desired. Hopefully the data they have gotten from colleagues, students, data, will speak to the direction required. Focus tightly on these folks with frequent conversations to celebrate what they are seeing and learning. Your conversations will result in strong insights about data and narratives. Offer simple options for action that they might use immediately. Short, frequent and focused conversations that celebrate the small steps and the small changes ultimately builds confidence and motivation.

Consider letting all meetings focus on practices that are working and letting employees learn from each other as they – under your leadership – keep the eye on the prize; ensuring all kids and staff are learning and growing at high levels. How do you know? What evidence are you seeing that is working? You will see it and hear it and watch as the learning environment begins to grow from its own enhanced energy and motivation to simply be better and better at what they do!

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