Mentoring Services

Mentoring, as described by the International Coach Federation, consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. RCG does that in one of two ways – one way for those seeking a credential and another way for those who want to grow in their skillfulness as a coach leader.

Mentoring for a Credential

Mentoring provides professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the desired credential level. Mentor Coaching takes place over an extended period of time (up to 8 months) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice on the part of the individual being mentored.

Once a candidate has met the coach-specific training prerequisites through Level III, the next step in the pathway is to engage with a mentor. The mentor must hold a credential at a level higher than the credential he/she is seeking. For example, if a coach is credentialed at the ACC level, they must work with a PCC level mentor. All RCG coaches are credentialed at the PCC level. There is a specific process that mentors will consistently follow over time to prepare the
candidate for both the Written and Oral exams.

Mentoring for Growth as a Coach Leader

Many coach leaders are interested in being the best coaches they can be without necessarily pursuing a credential. In that case, RCG will create a customized mentoring plan based on the needs of the leader, his/her team, school, or district. For more information, contact one of our instructors or email We will be happy to design a plan specifically for you.

A Note About ACC, PCC and MCC Coaching Credentials

ICF recognizes three distinct levels of coaching credentials: ACC, PCC and MCC. Our coach certification program prepares those interested in obtaining the ACC and PCC credentials. When completing all requirements of our ACTP Coach Training Program, coaches will be expected to demonstrate coaching competencies at the PCC level.

For specific information on the ACC, PCC and MCC levels of certification, go to