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This month’s blog post is about one of our own – Riva Korashan – who passed away in January after a brief illness with cancer followed by pneumonia. We at Coaching For Results Global are still trying to figure out how best to deal with this sudden and deep loss and we decided that one way is to share our loss with our readers in the hopes that we not only shine the light on Riva but also send a reminder out about how precious life is and how grateful we are for the wonderful friends we meet and spend time with along the way. Here are words from CFR Global President, Frances Shuster, who shares personal thoughts.

To learn more about Riva and the impact she has had on others, go to and click on “coaches.”

Picture at Right – Riva Korashan (left) and Frances Shuster, October 2011

I am still reeling over the loss of our dear friend and colleague, Riva. She left us far too soon. I see constant reminders of her all around me. I hear her beautiful voice singing, “I Hope You Dance”, which she led at the close of each of our in-person meetings.

Riva was my first CFR coaching circle coach. We talked on Sunday nights. Then I coached her. Sunday nights again. So each week, when 8:00 p.m. Sunday night Central Time rolls around, I remember our deep and life-changing conversations.

When Kathy, Karen, Edna and I worked with Riva’s Leadership Academy in New York City, the first thing that struck us was the evident deep respect and regard with which Riva’s United Federation of Teachers Teacher Center (UFTTC) colleagues held her. We knew that about her, and it was uplifting to witness that those who had known her longer and on a daily basis also felt the deep love we had for her.

Left to Right: Edna Harris, Frances Shuster, Riva Korashan, Karen Anderson, Kathy Kee in New Your City

That work in New York City was the genesis of my love for the City. I have visited a number of times since, each with Riva being my husband, Jim’s, and my enthusiastic and effervescent guide. She took us to places from her childhood and newer loves in the city as well. I will never visit there again without feeling her presence.

I have a number of “Riva stories” to share. I invite you to share yours here on our blog.

As a friend,
Frances Shuster, PCC

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Frances Shuster, PCC, M. Ed.

Frances Shuster is a Partner with Results Coaching Global and coauthor of Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders. She is a faculty instructor and coach for the Results Coaching Global Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

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3 thoughts on “One Person’s Influence…

  1. I do have a Riva story . . . many in fact! Folks know that Texans are proud! What I also know is that this New Yorker was equally PROUD of her city and the richness it brought to her life and ultimately mine! She never tired of sharing it with me and others. Any visitor to her city would get the full treatment – like a spa day (which was also one of her passions!). Whether it was off to the theater, sampling the cuisine of diverse restaurants, or shopping for diamonds, you were assured a first-class experinece EVERY time! One of my favorite stories is when Riva visited Texas for one of our meetings. We wanted to flood her senses with everything Texan . . . so, off to Babe’s we went. Fried everything! The joy came when it was time for dessert! Imagine introducing someone to their first chocolate meringue pie AND banana pudding! She did not disappoint us as her enthusiasm and delight were evident. Just a small example of her exuberance and energy for life for the discoveries to be made each day. She remained positive in her darkest days and represents the best of what we all want to “do” and “be”! Love you Riva . . . you taught me so much! (*_*)

  2. Riva…she was quite simply one of a kind. A rare and exquisite jewel of humanity that I had the honor to know and love. I think of Riva and remember her joyful kindness to my elderly dad, how she talked to him like a friend of many years. He loved her red hair and asked about “Red” many times after their visit. I think of Riva and remember the kindness of her family as she initiated a call with her gracious sister-in-law, Lenore, to help a struggling daughter determine the best services her dad. I think of Riva and rmember our love of the theater and movies and our “slumber party” in New York to watch the Oscars with Karen, Frances, Edna and me. We laughed and giggled like teenagers with each glance of a star and yelled with each win for our favorites. I think of Riva and remember our shared love of food and think of all the wonderful restaurants we visited and experienced under her connoisseur guidance. I think of Riva and I think of the laughter we shared about dating and all the challenges of the gender. I think of Riva and I hear her sing….forever she will be with us but especially when we hear, “I Hope You Dance.” I think of Riva and feel blessed and grateful… grateful that our love of professional development brought us together…the wonderful New Yorker and Texan…to share work and our passion for coaching. I think of Riva and I feel LOVE. She was the epitome of love and joy. RIVA – forever in our hearts!

  3. Riva was my advisor in graduate school for the special and general education program. I have been thinking about her quite often lately as I work through my degree. She was the first person to tell me it was not only ok but necessary to have your guilty pleasures, whether it’s a soap opera or a bad tv show. She allowed me to see that I could just enjoy and feel like I deserve those little gifts to myself. She helped me to identify my feelings and beliefs in education and I wish I had had more time to just be around her. In the month before her passing, she bought herself a watch that she had wanted for so long. The day she cam ein wearing the watch was a very big deal in our 5 person. I hope she knew that as beautiful as that watch was and as much as she loved it, it paled in comparison to the light and love that emanated from her and shined upon everyone she engaged with.

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