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Books by RCG Coaches!

RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change
Kathryn M. Kee, Karen A. Anderson, Vicky S. Dearing, Frances A. Shuster

Grow yourself in order to grow your team.

Do you spend your days managing others only to find you’re still putting out fire after fire? What if there was a better way to get things done? There is—leadership coaching is disrupting the scattered management era of education in all the right ways.

Get the tools and strategies needed to transform how you think about school supervision that builds capacity, leadership, and learning. This book will help you:

  • Learn to use neuroscience research productively
  • Expand your use of communication skills
  • Understand examples of leaders implementing coach-like behaviors into everyday practice to produce results
  • Learn specific approaches to supervise and coach for growth
  • Approach difficult conversations that impact thinking and change with confidence

At the crux of coaching culture is mindset—this book will teach you how to cultivate a growth mindset and strong emotional intelligence as you coach and grow capacity in others.

RESULTS Coaching Next Steps invites leaders to function as coaches and clearly teaches them how to coach. It is truly transformational for those unfamiliar with coach leadership and for veteran coaches alike. This book transformed me as a school principal and continues to serve as a fundamental resource in training school leaders. It is without a doubt my top recommendation to anyone who asks how to learn coach-leader skills.”
—Dr. Hank Staggs, ACC, Director
Governors Academy for School Leadership, Tennessee

“Finally! Another must-have for my professional library! RESULTS Coaching Next Steps speaks to education leaders who continue to focus on being a coach leader, no matter what their title or position. The book drives novice and experienced coaches to reconnect to the essentials and renews your commitment to never interact the same way again.”
—Kim Richardson ACC
Teacher Development Coordinator, Hampton City Schools

Order RESULTS Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders now!

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RESULTS Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders
Kathryn Kee, Karen Anderson, Vicky Dearing, Edna Harris, Frances Shuster

bookgraphic_resultscoachA must read for all school leaders who are serious about achieving long-lasting, transformational school results!  RESULTS Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders, already selected as one of the four National Staff Development Council Book Club Selections for 2011 and published in a joint venture with Corwin Press and the National Staff Development Council,  will provide a clear pathway toward highly developed “coach-leader” attitudes, behaviors and skills necessary for 21st century school leaders.

RESULTS Coaching is a leadership model based on coaching relationships with staff members to help them grow as professionals. Built upon the International Coach Federation standards and competencies, this resource for “coach leaders” offers:

  • A coaching navigation system for creative thinking and solution finding
  • Effective communication methods, such as committed listening, powerful paraphrasing, presuming positive intent, and reflective feedback
  • Testimonials of coach-leaders describing the impact of results coaching
  • Strategies, tools, and questions for conducting open and reflective conversations

Order RESULTS Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders here: RESULTS Coaching

Results Coaching Global is proud to announce this long awaited book authored by five of our very own associates, all CFR Board of Director Officers. Kathryn Kee, Karen Anderson, Vicky Dearing, Edna Harris, and Frances Shuster all certified through the International Coach Federation as Professional Certified Coaches are well-respected in the field of education. All five have spent the greater part of their careers building their own knowledge and expertise in the area of coaching and training as highly regarded and accomplished school leaders, professional coaches, and national leaders of training and professional development. We know this book will have a positive impact on your work as a coach leader! Order today! RESULTS Coaching

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Results Coaching Global’s Kathy Kee is Contributing Author to …


kathy_kee_coverThis guide offers insights from several of the very best professional and personal coaching in the business. Let’s face it – there are times when even the best of us find ourselves in a rut; doing the same things in the same way; joy or excitement has left the career; just not reaching the potential which lies within. This is the time to look around and find a coach. Reading this book allows one to read about many coaches, what they are doing and how they are doing it, and apply to our own lives. Everyone wants to achieve more and get results from their efforts. This book offers many ideas and possibilities from many walks of life – finance, science, education, business, and so many others. Enjoy as you read about, witness and spread the word about the power of having a coach!

Order No Winner Ever Got There Without A Coach at Paypal:

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Other Coaching Books

The Elementary Principal’s Personal Coach: Tapping Into Your Power for Extraordinary Leadership
Diana Raney Williams, Essie Hayden Richardson
Foreword by Shirley M. Hord

We are very pleased to announce a book offering by RGC coaches! Order it now at

Elementary_Principal_CoachThe guidance and inspiration principals need to take on the challenges of leadership! Perfect for principals to use on their own or as part of formal professional development, this resource provides scenarios for rich conversations to strengthen a leader’s capacity for problem solving and handling the day-to-day challenges of the elementary principalship.

Each chapter focuses on an ISLLC standard and guides principals to:

  • Reflect on lessons learned from the real-life scenarios
  • Deepen their understanding about their practices through powerful coaching questions
  • Write about and reflect on their own experiences in journaling sections Engage in proven professional development activities with their staff

Order this great resource now at The Elementary Principal’s Personal CoachAmazon

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Coaching Conversations
by Linda Gross Cheliotes and Marceta Fleming Reilly

book_coachconvAn effective and inexpensive approach for facilitating transformation through the entire school community!

Coaching conversations shift responsibility for instructional improvement from the school leader to the entire school community. With these proven, practical coaching conversational techniques, school leaders can engage and motivate their school communities to work collaboratively toward total school transformation. This easy-to-use, research-based handbook helps school leaders:

  • Develop open and reflective conversations with staff members
  • Build skills for motivating their staff
  • Adopt new habits for working with teachers, staff, and students
  • Utilize the power of committed listening and non-judgmental feedback
  • Create positive changes in how people think and interact

Order Coaching Conversations at Amazon: Coaching ConversationsAmazon

Results Coaching Global is proud to be one of the first to promote this new book. We know this book will have a positive impact on your work as a coach leader! Order today!

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Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations
by Linda Gross Cheliotes and Marceta Fleming Reilly

What does coach leadership look like in action?

Opening-the-Door-to-Coaching-ConversationsA leader doesn’t have to solve every problem personally to be effective. In fact, helping others learn to resolve issues and implement their own solutions is the key to sustainable leadership and an empowered staff. This companion and follow-up book to Coaching Conversations brings the coaching style of leadership to life with stories from the experienced coaches on the Results Coaching team. Featuring examples of real people facing real problems who use coaching skills with great success, each chapter deals with a challenging leadership area and includes space for personal reflection, questions, and next steps. Topics include:

  • Core values
  • Building trust and community
  • High expectations
  • School turnaround
  • Garnering genuine buy-in
  • Difficult conversations
  • Accountability
  • Balancing personal and professional commitments

As you focus on developing those around you, you earn the trust and loyalty of your team. This book’s examples demonstrate that coach leadership is not only possible, it is the smartest way to lead in the 21st century!

Order Coaching Conversations at Amazon: Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations

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Mobile Apps


RESULTSCoach is a mobile app developed for educational leaders. It offers an always-available review and reminder of the language and words that have the most powerful impact to bring out the best in your own learning community. This powerful app also includes visual tools, a feature for goal setting, and a handy mobile journal.

Download the RESULTSCoach app now on iTunes for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices.