ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

High leverage work in business and in schools requires special credentials for impact positions. You can now add to your Principal Certification or your Mid-Management Certification… a Professional Coach Certification right here with your trusted colleagues, RESULTS COACHING GLOBAL!

What does this mean for you? While you are growing and refining your leadership and communication skills in our many varied seminars, continue the depth and successfully complete the inspiring and life-changing Results Coaching Global Coach Training Program. You can become a credentialed coach through the prestigious International Coach Federation (ICF)!

Imagine yourself as a highly successful coach with clients who are accomplishing extraordinary results in both their professional and personal lives. See yourself with a deep understanding and ease in the use of the ICF Coaching Competencies. Experience the satisfaction of receiving valuable feedback from others about the strong impact your coaching is having on them.

Your journey begins when you step into the world of the Results Coaching Global Certified Coach Training Program. You’ll learn from highly qualified instructors who have designed a program with you in mind. You’ll move from acquisition of knowledge to demonstration of skills and competencies in a highly engaging learning environment.

Many people are already on the pathway to becoming a credentialed coach by graduating from our program. Why not you?

Program Description:

Graduates of the Results Coaching Global Coach Training Program are grounded in the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs of coaching supported by continuous practice and application of the learning. Seminars are organized into five levels with each building on the next. Each succeeding seminar provides for deeper understanding and internalization of the core coaching competencies. A total of 125 hours is required by this program.

Seminar participant groups are designed to maximize individual learning. All RCG faculty instructors are credentialed through the ICF and meet the high standards expected of Results Coaching Global.

How do you get started? Simply visit our website and sign up for a Level I Seminar – these are held all over the U.S. throughout the year. See full requirements for certification below.

Following is a description of requirements at each level. More details about each seminar are located under Services/Seminars.

Level I Seminars (24 hours face-to-face + 1 hour webinar seminar – with the exception of Coaching Strategies for Powerful Leading which is a web-based seminar)

Two Level I seminars are required.

  • Leadership Coaching for High Performance
  • Instructional Coaching: Essential for School Success
  • Coaching Strategies for Powerful Leading

Level II Seminar: Powerful Coaching (24 hours face-to-face + 2 hour webinar learning)

  • Prerequisite: One face-to-face seminar from Level I (either Leadership Coaching for High Performance or Instructional Coaching: Essential for School Success)

Level III Seminar: Advanced Coaching (24 hours face-to-face + 3 hour webinar learning)

  • Prerequisite: Level II seminar – Powerful Coaching

Level IV Coaching Practicum (Mentoring) – (6-10 hours with mentor plus 8 coaching hours for a total of 18 hours)

  • Prerequisite: Level III seminar
  • To register, contact the RCG Mentor you wish to work with and he/she will provide you with a specific link for registration. Go to (http://resultscoachingglobal.com/coaches/) for a list of RCG Mentors.
  • Once an applicant has registered for mentoring and payment has been received by RCG, the mentoring process begins. The mentee will have eight full months to complete the mentoring process under the current registration. Should additional time be needed for the mentee, he/she will be expected to register for additional mentoring.

Level V Personal Reflection and Introspection: Seminar (12 hours webinar learning + work with mentor) For those on the path to becoming a credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), this course is required.

Level VI – Alternative Certification Path (delivery will vary and could include webinar learning, face-to-face + work with mentor) Minimum 25 hours.

An alternative pathway for certification for those who bring training from other coach training programs. The purpose of this seminar is to articulate the standards and expectations of Results Coaching Global and assess mastery of competency as a coach, building upon the curriculum and performance objectives of program courses. This level may also serve to prepare for PCC certification to ICF.

The following is required for completion of the Results Coaching Global ACTP:

  • Documentation of attendance and participation in all training sessions
  • Documentation of attendance and participation in webinars and completion of all web based course work
  • Mentor coach relationship as described in the curriculum
  • Official coaching log with required ICF information
  • Completion of a written exam of knowledge and skills of the RCG Curriculum (score of 80% or higher)
  • Completion of a coaching oral exam (30 minutes length) scored by two RCG assessors (who hold PCC or MCC credentials) –demonstrating PCC proficiency

For more information, contact info@resultscoachingglobal.com