Level I: Coaching Strategies for Powerful Leading

Coaching is transformative. It is a dynamic process that requires continuous reflection, revision and re-energizing of one’s attitudes, knowledge and skills. This course is an examination of one’s thinking about priorities, goals and purpose. Five strategies are examined: creating possibilities, determining purpose, communicating powerfully, taking responsibility and celebrating success.

Successful leaders will learn how coaching brings clarity and purpose to their roles and relationships.

Essential components of this highly successful seminar include:

  • Principles of effective coach-leaders
  • Coaching language that produces reflective practice and increased performance
  • Effective strategies for creating possibilities, determining purpose, connecting powerfully, taking responsibility, and celebrating success.
  • Powerful conversation tools
  • Coaching labs for deep practice designed to accelerate knowledge and skill acquisition

Prerequisite: Leadership Coaching for High Performance or Instructional Coaching

Dates: February 6, February 20, & March 8, 2018 (10 AM – Noon Central Time)
September 4, September 21, & October 12, 2018 (10 AM – Noon Central Time)

Virtual Course Plus Independent Work

Cost: $525 per person

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In the event that there is a need to cancel a registration, RCG will refund all money up to two weeks prior to the date the seminar begins. Any cancellations taking place less than two weeks from the date the seminar begins will be charged a $75 late cancellation fee, or an alternative may be sent in place of the person canceling, if the alternative meets all course prerequisites.