Level III: Advanced Coaching

This seminar is designed for educators who seek certification as a professional coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Content will focus on the depth of integration of coach-specific skills into one’s identity as a coach. Learners will experience a continuous feedback cycle beginning with self-assessment. Working beside an ICF certified coach, learners will prepare, coach, and reflect on the development of their own their own skills.

The outcomes of this seminar are to develop coaches who:

  • are grounded in the beliefs and assumptions of the core competencies of ICF
  • consistently utilize the essential skills
  • offer feedback that sustains and supports the development of others, and
  • emphasize the inherent relationship between coaching and transformative results.

Prerequisite: The purpose of this session is to increase one’s depth and skillfulness as a coach building upon Powerful Coaching, Level II.

Expectations for attending a Level III session include:

  • Attendance in a Level I and a Level II seminar
  • Coaching goals with evidence of progress e.g. journal entries, accountability partner, coach one another with feedback, use of coach moves/impact forms, coaching circles, summary of reflections and/or self-assessments.
  • Log of coaching practice to include contact name, skill used, and reflection of growth
  • Reading the text, Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders.
  • Having a certified coach
  • Committing to deep mastery of coaching effectiveness and/or on the path for becoming an ICF certified coach

Dates: January 10-11, 2018 & February 7-8, 2018
November 13-14 & December 5-6, 2018
All public seminars are 4 days total and held in the Dallas area

Cost: $1,997 per person

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In the event that there is a need to cancel a registration, RCG will refund all money up to two weeks prior to the date the seminar begins. Any cancellations taking place less than two weeks from the date the seminar begins will be charged a $75 late cancellation fee, or an alternative may be sent in place of the person canceling, if the alternative meets all course prerequisites.