ICF Core Competency Study & Application

Purpose: To deepen the internalization and implementation of core competencies in coaching

Outcomes: Learners will have the opportunity to:

  • Study the core competencies with a focus on the newly identified PCC Markers
  • Observe a coaching conversation with observation & feedback
  • Learn & receive feedback from a mentor coach credentialed as a Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Audience: Graduates or soon to be graduates

Description: Learners in this session are ready to sharpen their skillfulness as a coach. Designed specifically for participants who either hold their credential or are on the path to becoming a credentialed coach, this series of 3 two-hour webinars are for those who want to study and apply the competencies to their coaching.

Focus will be on the new assessment markers with an emphasis on how coaching is being conceived of as a dialogue. Specifically, the markers and evaluations are based on the extent to which what the coach says or does is reflective of what the client offers.

Part 1 of the webinar will be interaction with a sample coaching dialogue with consideration of possible coach responses that match the PCC markers. Part 2 will be a coach/client session, during which the observers collect evidence regarding the markers to be shared when practicing reflective feedback. In addition, the mentor coach will offer feedback to the coach related to the core competencies.

Dates: October 24, November 7, and November 28, 2017 (6 to 8 PM Central Time)

Cost: $275

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