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The Team of Results Coaching Global, LLC has been partnering with school districts since 2002. Experience for yourself the difference that being a Coach Leader will have on you and your school!

Building Confident, Competent and Courageous School Leaders

School leaders who recognize that coaching has been their missing link are joining a rapidly growing list of districts that are benefiting from the mission of RCG. That mission is helping school leaders achieve extraordinary results both personally and professionally.

How do you build and sustain stronger results at both the school and district levels?

Instructional Coaching June 2010 Dallas 006You do it by increasing the collaborative intelligence and actions of all team members.

How do you increase the collaborative intelligence and actions of a team?

You place a high priority on individual and group thinking that is connected to specific actions. You lead thinking conversations using the skills of a Coach Leader and you expect results.

How do you gain the skills to become a Coach Leader?

You partner with Results Coaching Global!

What are the skills of a Coach Leader?

Coach Leaders know that what they say and how they say it have the potential to propel others to think and perform at higher levels.

They know that in order to build a strong learning environment, they must consistently provide clear expectations through an attitude of mutual respect and support.

Coach Leaders:


  • Surface critical patterns, needs, opportunities and challenges.
  • Use intentional language that inspires the creation of new insights.
  • Move thinking into action.
  • Build capacity in others to think and find solutions.
  • Build relationships while holding people able and accountable.
  • Get results.

Benefits of Working with Results Coaching Global

“It’s a life changing experience!”

Leaders continue to say that the benefits of working with RCG impact both their personal and professional lives.

Benefits designed to help you:Dallas ISD Lead Principals and ICF 006

  • Improve student achievement levels.
  • Define and reach measurable goals for improving your school.
  • Increase team effectiveness.
  • Embed a strong culture of leadership coaching within your district.
  • Enhance career satisfaction.
  • Create work/life balance.

Results Coaching Global: Your Premier Coaching and Training Company

We offer both leadership coaching and comprehensive professional learning for school leaders. We coach many and train many!

Your pathway to becoming a Coach Leader includes:

Leadership Coaching

one-on-one-coachingWhy work with a generic business or life coach when you can have an experienced educator and credentialed coach at your side?

RCG offers both individual and group coaching specifically designed for and delivered by educational professionals. All of our coaches have been successful education leaders and are credentialed coaches through the International Coach Federation. We uphold the highest standards for ongoing development and learning.

Here’s What Others Say About Our Coaching

“I’ve been with my RCG Coach for 6 years now. It is the best professional development investment I’ve ever made. My coach is my sounding board, my thinking partner, and my guide through the thickness of uncertainty. She supports me in my personal and professional goal setting, achievement and reflection. An RCG Coach is a requirement for me to be the kind of instructional leader my district deserves.” – David Curry, Superintendent, Union Hill School District, California

“Coaching truly transformed my leadership…”

breakout-partner-coaching“Coaching truly transformed my leadership both professionally and personally. My coach helped me increase confidence, make better decisions, and broadened my perspective. With a thinking partner I no longer felt burdened with difficult decisions or challenging conversations. The leadership growth I experienced through coaching is invaluable!” – Hank Staggs, Director of the Governor’s Academy for School Leadership, Tennessee

“I have learned a great deal from my RCG Coach about presuming positive intent. I am more focused on the language I use with my staff and teachers to remove my opinion and focus on sending a fact based, positive message that pushes teachers to achieve higher results on campus, district and state assessments. This has helped build a campus culture that is focused on excellence and building positive relationships.” – Danny Taylor, Principal, Dr. James P. Terry Middle School, Mesquite, Texas


We are an ICF Approved Coach Training Program

ACTP_logoWe prepare you to become effective Coach Leaders and, as interested, to pursue coaching credentials through the International Coach Federation.

Results Coaching Global is an accredited training program through the International Coach Federation. This signifies that our training is of the highest standard and recognized as an international coach-training program.

Results Coaching Global Seminars

Our comprehensive learning experience is organized into seminars that are four days in length and 24 hours of instructional time. Follow-up options are offered to sustain and grow the learning. Seminars are organized into five levels with each building on the previous level.

Each succeeding seminar provides for deeper understanding and internalization of the core coaching competencies. A total of 125 hours is required for those desiring to complete our coach certification program.

Level I Seminars

  • Leadership Coaching for High Performance
  • Coaching Strategies for Powerful Leading
  • Instructional Coaching: Essential for School Success

Click here for a complete listing of all RCG Seminars.

RCG Instructors

small-group-sessionYou’ll learn from highly qualified instructors who have designed a program with you in mind. You’ll move from acquisition of knowledge to demonstration of skills and competencies in a highly engaging learning environment.

All RCG Instructors have an extensive background of successful experiences in school leadership and in adult learning. They are International Coach Federation Credentialed Coaches and have thousands of hours of collective coaching experience.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Our Training:

“In my first year at South Bend Community Schools Corporation, as Superintendent, I invited Results Coaching Global to present the Coaching Seminars. These sessions launched a district wide coaching initiative. We are now in our second year of going to another level with our first year coaches, and adding additional coaches who will participate in the first level. Our teaching staff has high praise for the coaches who are implementing the coaching strategies as well as for the building principals who participated in the seminars.” – Dr. Carole Schmidt, Superintendent South Bend Community School, Indiana

“Coaching has been instrumental in LISD’s transformation journey. The training our campus and district leaders have received has enabled us to change education one conversation at a time. Relationships are critical and coaching has given us language to build those relationships, challenge the status quo, and encourage solution-based conversations. Our work with Results Coaching Global will continue as new leaders are always being developed and teachers are finding coaching strategies instrumental in their relationships with students.” – Dr. Beth Brockman, Associate Superintendent for Staff & Community Relations, Lewisville ISD, Texas

“Results Coaching Global changes how one communicates with the world around them. The training provides the skills needed to positively interact with people in every facet of life. Results Coaching Global training helped me to evolve into a facilitator of thinking and meaningful conversations in which others could explore and develop their talents and strengths to become confident models of effective leadership. Results Coaching Global training takes us on an ongoing journey of change in self and, as a result, in others.” – Dr. Peggy Doss, Dean of Education, University of Arkansas, Monticello, Arkansas

“Results Coaching Global has transformed the way Hampton City School leaders and coaches do business! Our instructional coaching program’s mission to work collaboratively within Professional Learning Communities by providing coaching and job-embedded professional development opportunities that result in the development and sustainability of teachers’ strategies, skills, tools, and techniques was quite difficult to put into action until our RCG Level I training revelation. These vital communication skills enabled us to provide the vehicle of skills so we could positively impact instruction and student achievement in our schools and division by supporting and enhancing teachers’ instructional practice, one conversation at a time. – Kim Richardson, Instructional Coaching and Professional Learning Coordinator, Hampton City Schools, Virginia

“Absolutely the best training I have had as a teacher.”

“The skills of listening, using positive intentional vocabulary, paraphrasing, and reflective feedback will help me to grow as a teacher, professional colleague, friend and family member. Thank you for the gifts you brought to our staff leadership team.” – Candy Blesse, Tahoe Truckee School District, California

“After using the coaching conversation model, I’ve seen a dramatic turnaround in staff at my school.” – Lori Brown, Principal, Little Rock, Arkansas

“This is a valuable learning experience for all leaders who seek to support effective change in their organization.” – Margaret Fellinger, Director of Instructional Services, Forest Hills Public Schools, Michigan

“I was eager to attend this seminar because I had seen it in action with coworkers. I think the seminar is beneficial to all occupations. The tools gained help in all relationships.” – Tiffany Vann, Curriculum Assessment Specialist, Amarillo ISD, Texas

Results Coaching Global Research and Development

RCG maintains a rigorous Research and Development Division that offers both standardized and customized impact evaluation reports. These reports demonstrate and validate the extraordinary results of coaching within your organization.

Why Wait?

Begin your pathway in leadership coaching by contacting a Results Coaching Global Associate to schedule coaching and to bring a seminar right to your district.


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