Important Information About “Whitelisting”

Many who receive our email are on email systems through school districts. SPAM filters for school districts are notoriously aggressive. Our system sends out email from several different email addresses based on the subject of the email, such as information on seminars/webinars for which you may have signed up, invoices, newsletters, course pre-work, etc.

When you sign up for a seminar you should IMMEDIATELY (within 1-2 minutes) receive a confirmation email and an invoice. We also send out a monthly “Newsletter” and a monthly “Nugget”. All Public Seminar and Webinar registrants should also be receiving reminders one week before each group of sessions and for webinars there is also a reminder sent the morning of the webinar. So, if you are not receiving these emails they are most likely being caught by the spam filters and you will need to contact your school’s IT department.

Please ask your IT department about adding the following to the district’s Whitelist at the server level to help insure you receive ALL our correspondence.

And this range of IP addresses