It’s Time For A Feedback Revolution

In February, Karen Anderson shared the opportunity to review and reconnect to the most essential and required skill in your everyday use. The ability to give skillful reflective feedback influences others to:

  • keep working,
  • reconsider,
  • reflect, see possibilities,
  • study more,
  • give more effort,
  • think about another point of view,
  • desire more learning,
  • be affirmed,
  • get motivated,
  • and so many more behaviors and thoughts that inspire and energize their commitment to the work in schools.

Recently I had the opportunity to think about FEEDBACK with the Neuroleadership Institute. Their leadership is on a focused path to support leadership in the use of effective and powerful FEEDBACK that will accomplish the change and growth needed in all people. Here are the main points they offered after researching 30+ models and interviewing over 10 neuroscience, psychology, creativity, and business researchers:

  • People need to grow and learn more and faster.
  • They need frequent, targeted input from many sources.
  • Yet feedback is broken, despite decades of effort.

The Neuroleadership Institute determined that it was time for a FEEDBACK revolution. Some reasons include:

  • The research taught them that engagement is highest with weekly feedback, yet fewer than 20% of employees get feedback weekly and of those, 27% say the feedback is useful. When asked, employees believe feedback does nothing or it make things worse.
  • Supervisors need to be reminded, encouraged, cajoled into giving more feedback and trained to do so.  Yet, after 40 years of training programs of all kinds, this skill is still a huge problem globally.
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