Webinars provide both follow-up support and continuous learning to those who have attended one or more of our professional seminars. For each seminar, the webinar format provides the opportunity for deeper internalization of the knowledge and skills learned in the session. Outcomes include a focus on the essential skills, opportunities to share successes and challenges, and practice coaching with feedback with the RCG staff.

In addition, topic specific webinars are available for CCEU credit.

ICF Core Competency Study and Application – (Lab Environment)

Purpose: To deepen the internalization and implementation of core competencies in coaching

Outcomes: Learners will have the opportunity to:

  • Study the core competencies with a focus on the newly identified PCC Markers
  • Observe a coaching conversation with observation and feedback
  • Learn and receive feedback from a mentor coach credentialed as a Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Audience: Graduates or soon to be graduates

Description: Learners in this session are ready to sharpen their skillfulness as a coach.  Designed specifically for participants who either hold their credential or are on the path to becoming a credentialed coach, this series of 3 two-hour webinars are for those who want to study and apply the competencies to their coaching. In each session, one participant will coach and another will be coached. Observers will practice reflective feedback with value/value potential statements and reflective questions. In addition, the mentor coach will offer feedback to the coach related to the core competencies.

Holding Difficult Conversations:
Releasing the Anxieties and Increasing the Results

Purpose: To gain confidence for the most challenging, yet critical, conversations we must have

Outcomes: Learners will have the opportunity to:

  • Review 5 key questions to assist in planning for difficult conversations
  • Examine a Coach Leader Conversation Frame for holding difficult conversations
  • Observe and reflect on a difficult coaching conversation simulation
  • Practice and reflect on the use of the Coach Leader Conversation Frame in difficult conversations

Audience: Open to any school leader desiring tools for difficult conversations

Description: Every leader knows that there comes a time to hold conversations with staff members where concerns and deficiencies are spoken and resolutions are created. And yet, in confidential conversations, many school leaders will admit they are anxious about holding these conversations. They refer to them as “difficult” or “hard” and voice uncertainties about how best to begin and maneuver through these meetings.

What if there was a much less stressful way to hold difficult conversations? What if there was a Coach Leader Conversation Frame designed specifically for holding difficult conversations? And, what if this framework actually increases the potential for stronger results? Come and experience for yourself the power of holding difficult conversations that release anxieties and increase results.


Our Evaluation Services provide evaluation follow-up at the conclusion of all seminars and individual coaching agreements extending for six months or longer. Data is gathered on a Likert-type scale which measures the degree of impact of coaching services as well as overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, a qualitative evaluation design is available to districts and organizations seeking to describe in depth the impact of coaching within the organization. This evaluation design includes a written, customized report for the district or organization.

In the event that there is a need to cancel a registration, RCG will refund all money up to two weeks prior to the date the seminar begins. Any cancellations taking place less than two weeks from the date the seminar begins will be charged a $75 late cancellation fee, or an alternative may be sent in place of the person canceling, if the alternative meets all course prerequisites.