YET—The Magic Word

As we continue to explore our positivity mindset and genuine, authentic, heartfelt positivity, adding the concepts of possibility and potential and the word “yet”, broadens and builds on our own self-talk and the words we offer to others. People often tell us that they have the most difficulty believing in others and offering value statements and questions that presume positive intent when their history with that person leads them to expect less than standards met or exceptional behavior. When we truly believe that people can and will grow and want to contribute, the word “yet” helps us form a positive approach.

  • Self-defeating self-talk: “It’s just impossible to find time in my busy schedule to exercise on a regular basis.”
  • More empowering: “I haven’t found the best way to make regular exercise part of my weekly habit…YET! I will continue searching for something that works for me.”
  • Mental talk regarding others: “She just needs to get her act together. I am tired of the same old unwillingness to make the changes required to meet our goals.”
  • More empowering: “She hasn’t YET realized the importance of making the changes. Or maybe she really doesn’t understand how important her actions are in making them happen. Perhaps I can coach her toward deeper understanding and positive movement if I truly believe she is capable and willing and just hasn’t found a way to begin…YET.”

The word “yet” holds potential for future change as well as movement toward the desired result. It is deeply connected to the positive emotion of hope, which is sparked within the moments when despair is most likely. It contains the belief that things can and will change. It sustains us when circumstances are dire. Hope energizes us to do as much as we can to make life good for ourselves and for others.

As is often quoted, “Hope is not a strategy.” Hope IS the emotion that pulls us out of the mire into a place of developing strategies and designing actions to move us forward. Hope lifts us out of our past, our negative presuppositions and toward resourcefulness. Hope energizes us to continue forward movement.

  • How will you reframe your own negative self-talk by adding the magic word, YET?
  • How will you reframe your lack of belief in someone based on past behavior by adding the magic word, YET?
  • What is one thing you will commit to take action on that you haven’t done YET?
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Frances Shuster, PCC, M. Ed.

Frances Shuster is a Partner with Results Coaching Global and coauthor of Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders. She is a faculty instructor and coach for the Results Coaching Global Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

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